Every Saturday night, Upperclub is the hottest event in Amsterdam at the Supperclub, designed to kick-start the weekend in style. Every week, the finest eclectic sounds are served to a fashionable crowd of likeminded party people that live an abundant lifestyle. We focus on creating the perfect venue for a sexy night out by attracting spontaneous, charming and fun-loving girls and giving them everything they want to hear, see and feel. The rest will follow suit.


The beach festival Zeewolde is organized by MEB-Events in the north of the Netherlands, at one of our most unique locations at the “beach” in Zeewolde. The stage presented a variety of different music styles to our visitors. The perfect mix of the variety in music styles, a beautiful location have to make it an unbelievable experience for the visitors of Beachfestival Zeewolde.


The Meppel Outdoor Festival is one of our new festival concepts here in the Netherlands. Artists such as Lil Kleine, Bizzey, Maan and many more are performing at this festival. We want to bring the visitors together in a positive and uplifting atmosphere.


The Popupclub is a nightlife experience that is traveling through the entire country of the  Netherlands. It all started in the city “Leiden”. 

The club will open its doors for everyone who wants a crazy and great night out.


Wanting to bring the joy of Ibiza to the rest of the world, Pacha On Tour takes the Pacha lifestyle and the Ibiza summer vibes to exotic beaches, cosmopolitan cities and other trendy locations around the world.
Brazil, Israel and India are some of the many countries we frequently tour, delivering our latest sounds, incredible stage designs, amazing performances and unique experiences.

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